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Making Better Food

When I started cooking at home more, it occurred to me that I didn't really know what I was doing. I was essentially throwing together meals without a lot of thought, and it was really discouraging. My family didn't always love the food either, which made my cooking seem like a waste of time. I wanted to improve my cooking skill set, so I started focusing on making better food for my family. This blog is all about making better dishes and using higher-quality ingredients. You never know, eating better might help you to feel better and keep your family healthy.


Nifty Noshes For Your Nuptials

If you are planning your wedding, come up with some catering ideas that provide guests with something a little bit different. Talk with caterers about fun, interactive suggestions that will suit your guests and that will give them an experience to talk about long after your vows. Many inventive catering ideas and menus are not only clever, but also cost-efficient!

Some cool catering ideas to consider for your special day include:

A donut wall. If you check out the latest bridal publications, you will see that having a donut wall is the latest catering trend. Many wedding caterers will have a wall to use for these clever and fun eating experiences, but if not, you may be able to use an embellished peg board to hang each holey-treat! Adults and kids alike will enjoy selecting their donut from the display to nosh on during your nuptials.

High-tea. If you want to curb catering costs, opt for a high-tea rather than a big sit-down dinner. These are typically buffet-style, allowing guests to serve themselves finger foods—pastries, sandwiches, and accompaniments—without the added expense of servers or elaborate meals. Treat your family and friends to a wide-range of exotic teas and cold beverages, which may also eliminate the need for a full bar.

Crepe stations. Crepes are delicious and can be served with both sweet and savory toppings. Talk with your caterer about having a crepe chef at your affair to cook up quick crepes for guests. Have a self-service area where guests can add berries, compotes, savories, and even barbecue to top their crepe!

A cheese and wine bar. Another way to skip the costs of a full meal is to offer a distinctive cheese and wine bar to your reception. Have light appetizers, crackers, breads, and a large array of cheeses for guests to enjoy while servers offer tastings of different types of wine. This is an excellent option for afternoon affairs, or post-dinner time slots, when a big meal might not be most prudent.

Flavorful fondues. Fondue is making a major comeback in weddings and catered events, and who doesn't love a bubbling pot of rich chocolate or melted cheese? Serve dippers, such as bread, cake, donuts, and even cubed meats with skewers for guests to dip as they approach a self-serve fondue station!

Tired of the same old wedding menus? Try one or more of these ideas to treat guests to an experience they won't soon forget! Talk with a local caterer, such as Mascaro's Catering, about implementing unique menu ideas and self-serve stations for an interactive and cost-effective wedding meal.