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When I started cooking at home more, it occurred to me that I didn't really know what I was doing. I was essentially throwing together meals without a lot of thought, and it was really discouraging. My family didn't always love the food either, which made my cooking seem like a waste of time. I wanted to improve my cooking skill set, so I started focusing on making better food for my family. This blog is all about making better dishes and using higher-quality ingredients. You never know, eating better might help you to feel better and keep your family healthy.


Cleaning with Arthritis: How Do You Clean Your Barbecue Grill Without Pain?

If you suffer from arthritis in your arms, hands, and fingers, cleaning, including cleaning a dirty barbecue grill, can be a difficult task. Using the wrong types of barbecue cleaning tools might aggravate your joints and keep you from enjoying summer altogether. Here are two types of grill-cleaning tools you can use that can help reduce or prevent stress on your painful joints this summer.

Cleaning Brushes with Rotating Bristles

Because arthritis inflames the soft tissues and joints of your hands, fingers, and wrists, you might find it hard to grasp or hold onto small or thin objects. Tasks like cleaning your barbecue grill can aggravate your symptoms, especially if you use brushes with thin, flat handles to scrape debris from the grill's grates. However, if you don't remove burnt pieces of food and other debris from the grates properly, harmful bacteria can grow on them and make you ill the next time you barbecue.

To avoid the problem above and reduce or prevent your arthritis pain, use a cleaning brush with rotating bristles and a wide, thick handle. The bristles clean the grates by breaking apart the debris on them. The brush generally run on battery power so that you don't need to push, scrub, or move the bristles back and forth over the grates.

The handle's thick surface prevents the need to wrap your fingers completely around it. Sources recommend using objects with built-up handles to help reduce arthritis pain in your hand. If you can't find a cleaning brush with rotating bristles or a thick handle, consult with a grill-cleaning supply company for help.

Cleaning Robot

Some of the newest grill-cleaning tools today include cleaning robots. The robots automatically clean your grill by "driving" over the grates. If you tend to tire out easily from your joint condition, this tool might work well for you. 

Depending on the type of robot you use, you can preset a cleaning time for it. The tool alerts you by beeping or giving off another type of sound when it completes the task. Not all suppliers offer this grill-cleaning brush tool, so be sure to ask the supplier you use if they do.

In addition, there are few things you must do before you use the robot to ensure that it cleans your grill well. For instance, you may need to wait until your grill cools down before you place a robot cleaner on it. Be sure to read the tool's owner's manual before you use your robot cleaner.

For more information about grill-cleaning supplies that may help you this summer, contact a supplier such as Grillbots LLC today.